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InfiRay CTP13 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

InfiRay CTP13 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

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Clip T Series is one of the most compact and cheapest thermal imager attachments for sights on the market, which is mainly used with day riflescope and low cost, low power consumption and miniaturization.
Clip on thermal sights are truly versatile thermal imaging sights that give you increased options and functionality.
Whether you are looking to use it as a dedicated thermal sight or clipped on in front of your day optics for increased thermal imaging zoom capability, these sights can easily accommodate your needs.
With our clip-on’s there’s no need to re-zero.
So if you’re in the hunting realm, you can switch to your favourite aiming method with ease. These sights need absolutely no light to function, so you can literally turn any day sight into a Thermal sight.

Product characteristics
·  The most compact size  Ultra light weight
·  Low power consumption
·  IP67 waterproof
·  High resolution OLED display
·  12 μm thermal imaging sensor

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